Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C. - Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers
Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C. - Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers
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Our attorneys focus their attention on a few specific areas of law. The vast majority of the cases we handle center around criminal defense, bankruptcy, family law, and traffic violations and DUI.

We are not the typical general practice law firm. At Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C., we handle cases in specific areas and make sure we have the tools available to do the best job possible for our clients. Our attorneys pride themselves on being well prepared, communicating well with their clients and providing personal attention throughout your case.

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At Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C., we are tenacious in our representation. We aggressively protect your rights and your best interests. You can count on us to utilize the latest technology and strategies for searching, researching and investigating all aspects of your case.

Our attorneys represent residents of South Hill and communities throughout Virginia in a range of issues, including:

  • Criminal defense: We handle everything from small driving offenses all the way to murder. With a former regional drug prosecutor on staff, we are confident in our abilities to help resolve whatever trouble you are in.
  • Traffic and DUI: If you are a resident that made a mistake, or a driver who violated a speeding law while passing through a local community, we will defend you.
  • Family law: We understand the stress and aggravation you feel while embroiled in disputes regarding your family. Our attorneys will remove the emotion from the situation, and protect your best interests in court.

At Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C., you can count on our attorneys to provide you with realistic expectations regarding your chances and potential outcomes. We will keep you involved in all steps of your case, and we are always available to answer your questions.

Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Lawyers · Virginia DUI Attorneys

If you have questions regarding murder defense or family law in Mecklenburg County or South Hill, Virginia, contact the Law Office of Mark Mokris, P.L.C.. We are available any time by appointment, and we accept most major credit cards as payment.

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